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General Information:
Name: Sakai, Nagi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'8''

Nagi Sakai Kyoyahibari1

Nagi is always wearing the school uniform. Being the head of the disciplinary commitee, he has the orange armband sown onto his left sleeve. He wears the jacket part of the uniform as a cape of sorts. Buttoning only the collar and not placing his arms in the sleeves. He has jet black hair that lies flat on his head and his eyes are a dark blue. He keeps his weapons in holsters on the back of his body, wearing them at all times. Day or night.


Nagi is often quiet, but that does not mean he won't speak his mind. Being the head of the disciplinary commitee, it is his duty to keep order in the school, be it from the day or night classes. However, he tends to enforce the rules through a more violent means than simply mediating, especially so with the night class when they get out of hand. He also has a distaste for crowds, prefering to be alone than with the rest of the commitee and does not like people being in large groups while he is around.

Dispite this, he is very proud of his school and enforces every rule in the book. If he catches people tresspassing, loitering, skipping classes or whatnot, he shows no mercy. He also has a pet bird, a small yellow canary that is often seen with him while he is outside the building as animals are not allowed inside. His favorite phrase when fighting is "I'll bite you to death".

Race Information
Race: Human
Skills: Nagi is a very gifted fighter, and thus is very physically strong. So much so that he would seem inhuman at times as he is able to fight on par with even purebloods.
Special Characteristics: Extreme physical prowess and endurance.
Effects: --

Weapon Name: Twin Tonfa
Weapon Specialty[ies]: The tonfa are crafted from steel. Tonfa are basically the nightsticks police use. The tonfa stretch from his elbow to slightly past his fist in length.
Effects: When a button on the tonfa are pressed, the sides of the main part open, revealling 2 cm long spikes. There is also a compartment in the bottom that can drop out, revealing a small weighted spike on a chain. The chain is about half the length of the tonfa.

Nagi Sakai Tonfa's

Background Information/RP Sample:
History: [Separated by arcs, each 2-3 paragraphs]
Rp Sample: [At least 500 words]


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