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General Information:
Name: May, Felicia
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Weight: 115lbs
Height: 5"4'

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Felicia has a mix of blue and purple coloured hair, down to her knees, which tend to get annoying. Rather than just putting it up in a comfortable ponytail, Felicia just deals with it, but it's grown to her a lot. It is layered, up to her waist, and the rest meets her knees. Rather than having it dyed that colour, Felicia was born with her natural hair, and has never thought of it as a bad thing. Some say her moods affect the styling of her hair nowadays. Felicia also has a pretty face, and unusually rosy lips, which she was born with.

She wears the school uniform, and doesn't try to break the rules. Out of uniform, Felicia wears blouses, and formal wear, as opposed to the style nowadays. Her hair, her eyes, and her clothing makes her look like a maid, or someone living in the old days. Her face complexion is pale, and she's never the one who's been interested in having a tan. Ever since she was a child, her body colour has been the same, and shows much resemblance to her mother. Felicia has a very small figure, being short, and quite small.

Felicia is quiet, and at the same time, very loud. She was never born to fit in, but feels invisible as well.

Race Information
Race: Human
Skills: Intelligent for the most part, able to sense when someone is lying/down/hurt.
Special Characteristics: N/A
Effects: N/A

Weapon Name: N/A
Weapon Specialty[ies]: N/A
Effects: N/A

Background Information/RP Sample:
History: [Separated by arcs, each 2-3 paragraphs]
Rp Sample: [At least 500 words]

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