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General Information:
Name: Mizuru Mazeke
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weight: 142
Height: 5'9"

Looks: Mizuru Mazeke [WiP] 2u9r7uu
Mizuru is pretty relaxed look most of the time; he has messy silver colored hair. It’s very spiky and tends to go to the left side of his head. He has green eyes which show growth and light despite being a vampire. He has a very lank and skinny body, he is not overall very strong he focuses on using weapons or speed to his advantage, he doesn’t like to eat very much, even blood he doesn’t need much of which makes him a lot skinnier then most people. He is Caucasian in skin color and is at sometimes a light tan. Which causes him to have a more of a Latino or Asian brown skin color, but he rarely gets this tan only in the midst of summer.

For clothing he wears a simple brown t-shirt with a symbol on it for life. It also has a Chinese style dragon on it. The shirt is fairly short and comes down to his large belt. For pants he wears long green ones with several pockets in them for weapons or blood tablets if needed. The pants are very loose and thus make him need his belt, a large leather belt about 2 inches in width, with a circular belt buckle with a hole through the middle of it. The belt is loose as well but it does keep his pants up and not down on the ground though he can be found adjusting it from time to time.
Personality: Mizuru is always quiet when it comes to things, he barely speaks at all, even when spoken to or with a really close friend. His reasons for doing this are kept to himself but mainly it is too keep his rhetoric in check, if no one knows his rhetoric then they don’t know what he wants thus making it easier to fight in battle or keep people thinking. His silence could also instill fear in an opponent when alone or in a dark place. For instance if you were in a dark room and Mizuru walked up you most likely wouldn’t hear him and might turn around and find him there making you jump or such. He enjoys quiet places and a sense of adventure; even though he rarely smiles he is happy when venturing into the wild or exploring a place no one has gone to before. He is a thinker rather than actor; he keeps his thoughts to himself or to a close friend but not to opponents or colleagues.

He is quite mysterious with his actions no one really knows what he is planning to do any of the time; he tends to have a sense of mystery that no one knows about. He is oddly silent yet loves adventure, most people are confused by him thus keeping them guessing but mainly it’s just because of his strange personality that gives him a sense of mystery.

He acts like a kid when fighting and is rather careless, he doesn't like to fight or get into fights very much but when he does he usually makes stupid mistakes. He is generally there for the view not for the fight, he likes to explore and enjoy life, not kill things or people however being a vampire for him can be quite strange in this seeing how he must harm people. Still he does attempt to keep away from harming people unless necessary, he saves those he can and kills those he cannot. He acts when its important and does not hesitate to make his own decisions which can be a downfall.

While in his need for blood stages, he is not a frenzied beast who will attack the first target on site for blood, he keeps his cool and toys with the person until he can get them into an area of solitude or calm where he then will drink. With targets of interest (I.E. Yuki in the manga/anime) he generally keeps away from them, knowing they will come to him if he keeps them guessing. He likes to draw them into a quiet environment and create a romantic or friendly atmosphere where he would then drink.

Race Information
Race: Pure Blood
Skills: Mizuru is abnormally fast when he needs to be, running at speeds up to 30 mph at times and he can go faster (up to 50 mph max) but his speeds cannot be maintained for long periods of time, this causes him to need to take breaks, he can maintain fast speeds (25 mph) for up to 5 posts, and maximum speeds (45-50 mph) for 2 posts. After which he will be drained of stamina and cause himself to fall over in exhaustion or become very tired.
Special Characteristics: Arm Blade
Effects: Underneath the wrapping on his left arm is razor sharp bone that can cut through most things, (wood, thin steel, some rock) Its due to a birth defect that caused him to have another arm bone instead of just two, which actually benefitted him in the long run. The bone is outside of his skin, which is somewhat disturbing to look at.

Weapon Name: 44 Magnum
Weapon Specialty[ies]: It shoots bullets, 44 Millimeters in size which are capable of piercing light armor and organs.

Weapon Name: Serrated Dagger
Weapon Specialty[ies]:A simple dagger which has a serrated edge, capable of sawing through bone or some types of wood. It is about 5 inches in length and with handle about 6 inches long.

Weapon Name: Kama (2)
Weapon Specialty[ies]: These are small scythe like weapons, they have a wooden handle which is about 7 inches long connected to a curved blade used for slashing and bashing much like an axe except a bit lighter and less apt for cutting through flesh.

Mizuru Mazeke [WiP] 2yxrdy9
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