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Post  Felicia on Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:52 pm

The chatbox is a fun place to interact with your fellow role players. And as always, rules are enforced. If they're broken, bad things will happen to you.

1. RESPECT! ;D Self-explanatory.

2. I don't want to see spam, because it's just useless. Except for the meat spam. That's not useless at all.

3. Cursing.. Hm. This is a really tough rule, because I, myself, do curse in chatboxes. Some sites, it's not allowed, but some do allow them. You can curse, but you cannot curse someone else out:

Example: Oh, fuck. I forgot to save my application!

Basic and non-harming curses like that. However, cursing someone else out will not be tolerated:

Example [not allowed]: Felicia, you bitch!

Get my drift? Good.

4. Advertising in the box is not allowed. Take it to PM.

5. No links in the chatbox for virus and security purposes. Again, take it to PM.

6. If there's something going on in the chatbox and you aren't so comfortable with it, report to a staff member, and we'll get to it.

7. Chatbox news will be coming soon, check it out.

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