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Site and Role-Playing Rules Empty Site and Role-Playing Rules

Post  Felicia on Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:40 pm

These rules apply to EVERYONE [admins, moderators, members, etc.] and failure to comply will result in consequences thought by our staff.

1. Respect is KEY. There are no such things as, "mean staff." It's basically common sense; have respect for the people around you, you'll get respected in return.

2. No member should be begging to the staff for anything whatsoever. We are informed of the new apps everyday and we will check them. I cannot promise a solid time period, but if your app hasn't been checked within 48 hours [2 days], PM a staff member.

3. None of those one-liner post crap here. If you need help with role-playing, ask a staff member and they'll gladly help you. If this gets to be a bigger problem, the staff and I will set a minimum post limit.

4. Absolutely no back-seat modding. I cannot stress this enough; if you're not a moderator or part of the staff, don't approve or check apps! Failure to comply results in harsh consequences.

5. The only good spam, is the one you can eat. It's not good, and it's very annoying. I will think about putting a spam section up, but no promises. Unnessary spam around the site is not allowed.

6. Don't double-post, and follow the correct post order if you're in a topic with 3 or more people. Wait for a person if you need to and don't skip the post order. Only if there has been a change you may do so.

7. Godmodding, powerplaying and metagaming will not be tolerated.

8. Topic title should reflect on the topic itself. If you don't want to RP with a bunch of people, set it to private or add the members' names in.

Example: First Meeting [Alana and Bob only]

Deathmatch topic rules will be coming up soon.

9. No references to Canon characters whatsoever.

10. And remember! Admins are always right!

11. If we're wrong, refer to rule #10.

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